Smart Downlight

ADAYO lighting LED smart ceiling light can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assitant and this smart LED recessed lights with RGBCW is no gateway required

LED smart ceiling light 4.8W beam angle 38° control by Smart Life APP

ADAYO lighting LED smart ceiling light with 16+ million colors in RGB mode can be changed colors by APP control and this smart LED recessed lights also have many functions to play with

Product Specification:
  • Code : WL001-G3A305
  • Rated Wattage : 4.8W
  • Luminous : 320lm
  • Input voltage : 220-240V~@50Hz
  • Colour Temperature : RGBCW 2700-6500K
  • Colour Rendering : >80
  • APP : TUYA
  • Size : Φ86*47mm cutΦ70mm
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Product Details
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ADAYO Lighting not only offer the LED WiFi smart light bulb, this smart LED downlights are also popular in the market.

Just like wifi bulb, it is also use TUYA module and Smart Life App, support Google Alexa assistant voice control and phone, support single color, double color and RGBCW.

It is can make your bedroom and living room more colorful and atmosphere you can control your light one any where and any time.

And you can also make them to many group, and control one group like your living room with 8 pcs down light, and one group like 4pcs down light for the bedroom. Also if you don’t want to press the phone, you can ask Alex for help control it.


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


● Products Features

This smart LED recessed lights, MOQ 1000pcs. You can custom your logo with color box. And it is hot sales on Amazon, one of our customer took about 1milion pcs for one year. Also we supply the Wifi GU10, WiFi BR30 and WiFi bulb even WiFi fire rated down light is popular in Europe market now.

1. APP Remote Control:

Turn ON or OFF your smart lights no matter when and where you are after connection.


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


2. Voice Control:

The smart light is compatible with Amazon Alexa,Google Home and IFTTT.

Just issue a voice command to turn your lights on/off, or even switch your lights to the specific color you like.

Attention: Smart LED downlight only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. No hub required and easy to install.


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


3. Smart Timer Setting and Ultra-long Distance Remote Control:

Even you are not at home, you can control your smart downlight on/off with your phone via Smart Life App.

Easily set custom schedules for your smart LED recessed lights. Customize your home light system, like setting lights to turn on at dusk or turn off at sunrise in advance.


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


4. Group Control & Control Together:

You can create a group for all of your smart LED recessed lights and control them all with just one command. And also you can share it to other family members via 'Smart Life' app, they can also control it at the same time.


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


5. RGB+C+W smart light:

Save yourself and make your space more creative with this smart downlight. Bring color to your home with vibrant, mood-enhancing RGB light. Choose from 16 million colors(2700K-6500K) and shades of white to instantly change the look and atmosphere of your room. Different scene modes optional.


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


6. Sync with Music:

When you invite your friends to a party at home, you can create the ambience you want by adjusting the color of the smart light. When we play music, you can synchronize the music on your phone into the app to match the smart light pulse with the rhythm of the music.


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


● Energy Saver & Multipurpose

Compared with ordinary bulb, this smart led downlights will save up to 60% energy consumption with LED technology. Last longer, energy saver and save your electricity charge with newest lighting technology.

This bulb can be used anywhere with high temperature and humidity resistance you need colorful light such as home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, museum, restaurants, bar, cafe, holiday decoration, birthday party.


 Product name  Smart LED recessed lights  
 Power  4.8W
 Size  Φ87*47mm
 Cut  70mm
 Beam angle  38
 Color Temperature  2700-6000k+RGB
 Voltage  220-240V~@50Hz
 Certificate  CE,RoHS
 Application  Home, party, Living room, Restaurant

ADAYO smart LED recessed lights


● Set-up with Smart Life App

Step 1: Search for the "Smart Life" on the App Store or Google Play. You can also scan the QR code in our User Manual provided.

Step 2: Register/Login to the App using your phone number or email address. A verification code will be sent if you are attempting to register.

Step 3: Select Add Device or the "+" icon.

Step 4: Screw your smart lights into your desired light location, power on it. Then turn on-off-on-off-on until the light flashed quickly.

Step 5: Select the device and tap "Confirm light blinks rapidly". Input the Wi-Fi password to your device and then tap "Done".



● Brief introduction of ADAYO Lighting

ADAYO was founded in 1993, listed in 2017, the main modes of cooperation are OEM, ODM and SKD. Industrial park area: 560000sqm.

There are three main business line of ADAYO lighting: LED lighting, LED package and LED big power supply;

With R&D laboratory covered 1200m² with international standard;

R&D team more than 60 people, one third of them with more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry;

Work Shop 5000 SQM with more than 300 works and 50 production lines;



 Add: Foryou Industrial Park Area B -- Plant NO.6 No.1North Shangxia Road,Dongjiang High-tech Industry Park, Huizhou City,Guangdong Province

Tel: 0086-752-5300601  

Fax: 0086-752-5300099

E-mail: [email protected]


ADAYO smart LED recessed lights

ADAYO smart LED recessed lights

ADAYO smart LED recessed lights

ADAYO smart LED recessed lights

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