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Different ways of installing lights

Published by ADAYOLIGHTING 2023-09-27
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Different spaces in the house will use different lamps and different lights will be installed in different ways.

1. Chandelier, suspended and fixed to the ceiling.

Pendants can be installed on concrete roofs using shallow parts, penetration bolts and expansion bolts. The bolts used may be determined by the subject and weight of the light, but should not be less than M6 (mm) minimum and M8 (mm) for multi-headed chandeliers.


2. Ceiling light, fixed to the ceiling surface.

Ceiling lights are available with round, square or rectangular bases, with bases of varying sizes. The lamp bases can be fastened with expansion bolts or with wood screws on pre-built wooden bricks.


ADAYO downlight luminaire downlight recessed light


3. Wall light, mounted on the wall.

Depending on the construction of the base, the wall light can be used with or without a base table. When using a base table, the base table should be fixed first and then the wall light fixed to the base table. The wall light can be fixed with screws screwed into the mounting holes of the light position box, or it can be fixed with holes punched in the wall, pre-buried or with expansion screws. The installation height of the wall lamp, generally the centre of the lamp from the ground 2-2.2 m, bedside installation of the wall lamp to 1.2-1.4 is appropriate.


4. Downlight luminaire, spotlights, etc., recessed and fixed in the ceiling.

Downlight luminaire and spotlights are generally recessed light and are suitable for use in suspended ceilings. The basic form of the lamp is cylindrical, and after the lamp is mounted on, it fits tightly to the top and has a good decorative appearance. The symmetrical sides of the lamp barrel have a spring as a device for fixing the lamp. Drill holes in the ceiling according to the size and installation position of the downlight recessed light and connect the reserved power cable in the ceiling to the downlight recessed light.


ADAYO downlight luminaire downlight recessed light


In the installation, the lamps and fittings should be complete and should be free from defects such as mechanical damage, deformation, peeling paint and broken lampshades. The load-bearing capacity of the fixings on the ceiling of the wall where the lamps are installed should match the weight of the lamps.

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