In fact, the "culprit" of these problems is a large factor: lighting!

How to design the office lighting?

Published by ADAYOLIGHTING 2021-12-04
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In this hustle and bustle of the city, the office is one of the more places you stay a day, where you work diligently and conscientiously to complete the work, but often always beaten by the fatigue that comes from time to time.

Coffee cup after cup, but the feeling of fatigue can never dissipate, often work to lift the spirit, eye fatigue and dryness, many people are chagrined, I obviously did not stay up late, nor insomnia, but why a to the office sleepy it?


In fact, the "culprit" of these problems is a large factor: lighting!


If the office is not well lit, too bright or glare can lead to visual fatigue, physical fatigue and headaches, resulting in a lack of concentration. This can lead to decreased productivity and have a negative impact on our daily moods. If you imagine sitting in a well-lit room all day, squinting at another bright light, you can start to imagine how it will affect you. So we'd better choose anti-glare lights to avoid us from being affected. And we have led recessed downlight with anti-glare can satisfied this need.


Another condition associated with prolonged exposure to computer light is computer vision syndrome, which affects the vast majority of office workers. Although this has not been found to have any long-term complications, it can cause all of the previously mentioned problems, as well as headaches, dizziness, vomiting, eye stinging, dryness, fatigue, redness, inflammation, blurred vision, loss of vision, and increased nearsightedness or astigmatism.


One of the glare is the most influential in the office lighting environment. Glare, refers to the visual discomfort or reduced vision caused by excessive brightness, or excessive brightness contrast in the visual field. The reasons for glare are: the surface brightness of the light source is too high, the contrast between the brightness of the light source and the background is too large, and the installation position of the lamps is not right.


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Office spaces are places where visual work is performed, so it is important to pay attention to glare. There are many direct or indirect formation of glare can cause visual fatigue, and strobe too high lamps, but also harm the health of the retina; and physical damage. When the light source environment is too strong or too weak, the human body will unconsciously avoid or tend to a more suitable reading direction, unconsciously forming the body muscle stretching and twisting, resulting in strain injury.


If you want to avoid glare, you can avoid glare by increasing the brightness of the surrounding environment or reducing the brightness of the light source, or both, in the choice of lamps and lanterns can be used with grilles, baffles, led recessed downlight with anti-glare, polarized optical accessories and other features of office lamps to avoid glare.


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Finally, a good office lighting is the first thing is to ensure that the illumination of the space and illumination uniformity, only to meet these two points, in order to make the office staff more efficient and comfortable work.


Illuminance: refers to the amount of luminous flux of visible light received by the illuminated object per unit area, the unit is lx, usually the illuminance of the collective office area shall not be less than 300lx.


Illuminance uniformity: characterizes the uniformity of illuminance at each position on a plane. The closer the illuminance uniformity is to 1, the higher the uniformity is, the more comfortable the visual perception is; conversely, it will be visually poor.


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As we can see in the picture above, the illumination is not enough, and it is difficult for office workers to work well here. And a bright and comfortable office environment can not only protect people's health, interest and enthusiasm, but also reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency.


And this led recessed downlight with anti glare will be a good choice in office. This best ceiling led downlights is intergrated design, easy to installed and 5 years warranty is good choice for customer. Besides, this led recessed downlightIt have different size and wattage optional that can meet the needs of daily lighting brightness.




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