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How to make your lighting design more healthy?

Published by ADAYOLIGHTING 2022-11-28
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Modern home life on the lighting decoration requirements can be both lighting, but also play a decorative role. Light is an indispensable friend of human beings, but too strong, too indiscriminate and unpredictable light can cause certain effects on human health. So how should the light be designed to be more healthy?


What are the effects of lighting on human health?

1. Damage to vision. The poor visual environment caused by light pollution is considered an important factor in the high incidence of myopia, and some studies have even shown that the incidence of cataracts is as high as 45% when working and living in a white light polluted environment for a long time.


2. Upset, anxious, unable to sleep. Although people sleep with their eyes closed, but the bright light will still pass through the eyelids, affecting sleep. According to clinical statistics, about 5%-6% of insomnia caused by noise, light and other environmental factors, of which light accounts for about 10%, once insomnia, the body does not get sufficient rest, and will lead to deeper health problems.


3. Make people become depressed. Too much exposure to light at night may lead to depression, and light pollution can lead to dizziness, depression, physical weakness and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia.


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How to make your lighting design more healthy?

Living room, healthy lighting can make the living room more lively and attractive. Considering the frequency and diversity of activities in the living room, no other room in the home can be compared to the living room, which is the main reason why it needs high quality lighting. Due to the many different applications of the living room, the key cues for lighting must be flexible and integrated with aesthetics, starting with the main lighting, which should be slightly dimmer than the required illumination, which can be complemented by other points of light, partly for effect and partly for special tasks.


Sleeping in the bedroom is mostly done in the dark, however, the bedroom is also the place to get dressed and groomed in the morning and to read and watch TV in the evening. The subtle combination of lighting provides the desired balance, which should be neutral and relaxing, and is best achieved through the use of more than one lighting point. Then consider the actual lighting needs, dressers and closets need brighter light, as well as reading lighting around the bed.


Study rooms have relatively high requirements for lighting. For the detail part, bright white lighting is the right choice, it will reduce eye fatigue, weak lighting will make people who work in front of the computer screen for a long time feel tired, make sure there is enough overhead lighting to illuminate the keyboard area, to avoid glare and screen reflections. The lamp should leave the screen at an angle to avoid fatiguing reflections.


The bathroom needs good conventional lighting in the room as a whole, but also local lighting for mirrors, sinks, etc. Lighting from ceiling-mounted fixtures can provide basic background lighting. Adding lights installed on the side around the mirror used for makeup will provide bright and even light from both sides so that shadows cast on the face can be avoided when the light source is placed on top of the mirror, in addition, safety is extremely important in the bathroom, and the fittings of the lamps should be steam-proof and waterproof.


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