ADAYO lighting ceiling recessed downlight with adjustable brackets fitting different openings also can used as a surface mount light fixture

What are the installation methods of led lights?

Published by ADAYOLIGHTING 2023-01-30
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Since there are so many types of luminaires and so many different design styles, there are more installation options to choose from. Wall or floor mounted luminaires can be surface mounted or recessed mounted.


1. Ceiling installation

The luminaire can be embedded into the concrete ceiling or suspended ceiling, and the embedded installation style is suitable for special ceiling forms.

For embedded installation into the concrete ceiling fixtures need to be pre-buried holes in advance. One method is to install the plastic box in the concrete formwork, exposing a hole when the formwork is lifted away. Another method is to install the connectors on the concrete formwork and leave them on the ceiling. A basic check is whether the luminaire distribution and the ceiling structure are suitable and whether there are special mounting positions that must be avoided, e.g. whether there are keel or ceiling reinforcement that lead to adjustments in the luminaire arrangement.


Concrete ceiling molding, ceiling column mesh, can be used for lighting elements. It can produce secondary reflected light fire glare-free lighting and emphasize the ceiling structure. Luminaires can be installed in the column grid, illuminating the sides of the column grid, or more traditionally by installing suspended luminaires in the column grid, providing direct lighting in the space and indirect lighting by illuminating the column grid.


Small luminaires, such as ceiling recessed downlight, can be mounted to a ceiling and installed as a unit according to a uniform ceiling. Large luminaires, such as grille lights, are mounted to a separate ceiling, and different moduli need to be mounted to different ceiling forms. For sheet metal ceilings, luminaires can not only be mounted to the middle of the ceiling, but can also form a load-bearing system. Separate ceiling panels require the addition of a keel to carry the weight of the luminaire.


ADAYO ceiling recessed downlight


For open grid ceilings and honeycomb ceilings, ceiling recessed downlight can be installed into slotted boxes. The dimensions of the slot box correspond to the ceiling grid. They can replace the ceiling or allow the installation of ceiling luminaires between the ceiling but are not suitable for load-bearing grille lamps.

Semi-flush mounted luminaires are basically the same as flush, except that the depth of the flush is shallower.

Ceiling surface mount light fixture attach to the ceiling and are suitable for buildings where the ceiling is relatively clean and the room is not high. This installation often has a brighter canopy.


2. Wall or floor mounting

The luminaire can be surface or recessed mounted to the wall. Recessed installations can be mounted to concrete or empty walls. Floor mounted luminaires can only be flush mounted. The luminaire's face cover must have a certain load capacity and be moisture resistant.

Wall mounted luminaires (from top to bottom): inset mounted to stone, void wall, surface mounted to wall.

Wall cantilever luminaire (from top to bottom): cantilever bracket, cantilever containing transformer, partition cantilever.

Ground embedded in the installation of lamps: first installed into the sleeve, lamps into the sleeve and flush with the ground.


ADAYO surface mount light fixture


3. Hanging system

Suspension systems are generally designed to hang from the ceiling, using wires or hanging wires. In some projects can be installed on the wall bearing system through the cantilever bracket. The track can be installed in various types. It can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted directly to the wall or ceiling. It can be mounted embedded to the wall or ceiling or made into a ceiling mounted carrier system. Rail mounting (from top to bottom): surface mounting, embedded mounting to ceiling concrete, cantilevered with ceiling.

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