ADAYO lighting supports OEM/ODM fire rated led downlights, dimmable led downlights with separated isolated driver lifespan up to 50,000 hours

Fire rated led downlights CLOVER Ⅲ 8.5W with isolated power supply

ADAYO lighting fire rated led downlights with waterproof IP65 adopt flame retardant material, this dimmable led downlights also have WiFi version and different bezels optional

Product Specification:
  • Code : 926602005867
  • Rated Wattage : 8.5W
  • Luminous : 680lm
  • CCT3 2700K-3200K-4000K :
  • Dimming or not : Dimming
  • beam angle : 60°
  • Lifespan : 50000hrs
  • Size : Φ88*65mm cut Φ70mm
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Product Details
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●  Product  Description

CLOVER Ⅲ 8.5W downlight CCT3 fire rated led downlights are dimmable led downlights with BS476-20/21 and 30'/60'/90' flame retardant test adopt flame retardant material, safe and secure. With classic minimalist design suitable for different application.


ADAYO fire rated led downlights


●  Features

ADAYO lighting 8.5W CCT3 fire rated led downlights IP65 dimmable led downlights features as below:

  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Tooling free installation design with 3 pin loop in and loop out
  • Dimmable and Non dimmable optional  
  • CE, NEW ERP, EMC, ROHS approved
  • Iron housing melting point is 1538℃
  • Can be covered by insulation directly
  • Four colors bezel changable, brush nickle, silver, chrome and black
  • Smooth triac dimming
  • CCT3 switch changeable on driver
  • Life span 50000hours,waterproof IP65


ADAYO fire rated led downlights


●  Applications

CLOVER Ⅲ 8.5W fire rated led downlights are the dimmable led downlightswith IP65, 60 degree angle widely bright feeling, with four colors bezel changeable meet your different ceiling styles.

  • Living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.
  • Office, meeting room.
  • Shop, supermarket.
  • Hotel.


ADAYO fire rated led downlights


●  Specification


Item NO. SKU Lumen(lm) CIR CCT Watt (W) PF Beam angle (°) Size 
(Dia * H mm)
Cut size (mm)
926602005867  CYG25A-0060B6C1 600
80 F2700
8.5 0.9 60 ø88 65 ø70
926602005868  CYG25A-0060B6C2     620
80 F3000
8.5 0.9 60 ø88 65 ø70
926602006021 CYG25A-0060B6C1-9 510
90 F2700
8.5 0.9 60 ø88 65 ø70



80 F3000
8 0.9 60 ø88 65 ø70
926602006018 CYG25A-0060B6C1-1  585
80 F2700
8 0.9 60 ø88 65 ø70

ADAYO fire rated led downlights


●  Options

  • Dimmable and no-dimmable
  • Signle Colour temperature, CCT3
  • Separat isolated driver, integreret
  • Decorate bezel: bruch nickel, chrome, silver, black
  • Bezel materials: ABS, ADC12


●  Product Line Drawing (Size:mm)

ADAYO fire rated led downlights

● Accessories Optional

  • Bezel shape: round
  • Bezel colors: brush nickel, chrome, silver, black
  • Bezel materials: ABS, ADC12


●  Installation 

  • Make sure power is off before installation.
  • Cut a suitable hole in the ceiling , the hole size will show on the specification form.
  • Press the side spring and push the fixture fitting into the ceiling hole, And make sure the fitting is stable and firmly. After proper installation is confirmed, switch on the main power.



●  Brief introduction of ADAYO Lighting

  • A wholly owned subsidiary of Foryou corporation (ADAYO, Since 1993, listed in 2017)
  • Industrial park: 56000sqm
  • Business line: LED package, LED high power driver, LED Lighting 
  • R&D laboratory: 1200sqm with international standard
  • R&D team: more than 60 people, one third of them with more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry
  • Work shop: 5000 SQM  with more than 300 works and 50 production lines
  • Monthly Capacity(Pieces) :  package 1000KK , Driver: Big Watt: 300K, Low Watt: 1000K,  LED light: 5000K
  • New product lunch time: 6-10 weeks.
  • Payment: L/C, T/T, O/A


PDF File 2.防火筒灯分离式EMC证书 4357825.01AOC.pdf

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